What is Vetted for Vets?

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Something has happened at your home and you need help. Maybe you’ve had a tree fall after a storm. Or, maybe you are just looking for someone to install a fence on your property.
Where do you look to find help?

As you search online, how do you choose a company who is fairly priced and who you can trust will not take advantage of you or your family?

If you think bad things only happen to the vulnerable, think again. Very capable people can be fooled and taken advantage of.

You could take the time to fully vet someone. However, when you need help it is most likely urgent and, face it, we all have over busy lives and packed schedules. Who has time to fully vet a company?

Truth is, most companies who are part of online databases or Networks are there because they paid money to be there. Not because they have been vetted.


The Veteran Approved Network recognized the need for a place any Veteran can go to find resources they can trust. This asset needed to be readily available and free to Veterans. VAN also believed this database resource should not be filled with companies who simply claimed to be ethical or were willing to stroke a check to be on a website.

Being ‘Vetted For Vets’ is a privilege and carries great responsibility. Becoming ‘Vetted For Vets’ requires a commitment and willingness to accept VAN’s Code of Conduct which is designed to protect Veterans.

The Veteran Approved Network is a collection of people, businesses, and organizations who have proven to have a good and ethical mission and a true heart for veterans. Through their membership, they have taken an oath to work honorably for veterans, offer well-deserved discounts, and/or provide free services to veterans throughout our communities.

By joining VAN, Veterans have access to a growing database of Vetted For Vets businesses. The best part, signing up at VAN will NOT result in spam, or other harassment!

VAN resources are not just businesses. At VAN, Veterans can find many health and healing resources, trauma resources and organizations who help Veterans in countless ways. VAN is also home to monthly Veteran focused events that are FREE to Veterans and paid for on behalf of VAN’s Vetted Business Members, Organizations, and Sponsors whom we thank.

Vetted For Vets businesses and organizations want to serve you, the Veterans in our community. They want you to know they are here for you and can be trusted. VAN Business and organization members further their commitment to Veterans by becoming Event Champions throughout the year.

So, next time you need something—anything, check VAN and choose Vetted For Vets!

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