Event Calendar

Holding an event of your own? As a business member of the VA Network, you can post about any event or special offering on our public event calendar.

Event Sponsorship

Throughout the year, the VA Network holds highly public events like 2021’s 1st Annual Fallen Hero 5k. The Network also co-hosts events with our Veteran non-profit partners. As a Business Member of the VA Network, you get first dibs on exclusive and limited event sponsorship opportunities.

Monthly Newsletter

Want monthly exposure to the VA Network Veteran Members? You got it! As a business member of the Network, enjoy monthly exposure to our fast-growing veteran members.

Membership Directory

When you join the Network, your business and contact information is added to our exclusive Network Membership Directory.

Social Media Exposure

How do we expose your Business to thousands of veterans every week? Through social media, of course. The VA Network has developed a cohesive social platform that includes FaceBook, FaceBook Groups, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Instagram Ads, and YouTube, where your business is the star of the show.

Website Advertising

Your business will be profiled on the VA Network website. If you want more exposure, any business member can opt for paid advertising on the site's front page.

Ribbon Slashing Events

Have you heard of Ribbon Cuttings for new businesses? So boring. As a new Business Member of the VA Network, you will have your own Ribbon SLASHING event (complete with the token saber sword). Our way of announcing and welcoming a new Vetted for Vets Business Member.

Business of the Month

We want our Veteran Members to really get to know you. That is why we have ‘Businesses of the Month’. This ‘extra’ exposure includes a feature story about your company with video, social embed of your social sites and website, and all the reasons you are a VETTED FOR VETS Business. All this is published throughout the Network’s entire media footprint; print, email, social, paid ads, and more!

Business Insights

We have social and social results in interaction. When a Veteran Member has a question in your field of expertise, we call you, get your input, permission to quote you, and then we tell the world that you are the expert! Our Veteran Members utilize the Network for discounts and recommendations, yes, but they also seek advice, professional input, and ideas.

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