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VAN Lines of Effort

VAN Lines of Effort Get to Know Your VAN VAN is a network of action focused on unifying the goodness throughout the community with veteran requirements and need. We masterfully identify requirements within the veteran community and utilize our network resources to support the identified lines of effort. We do

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VAN 12-Park Tour Jay B. Starkey Park

VAN 12-Park Tour Jay B. Starkey Park 4 March 2023 VAN 12-Park Tour Part Three brought us to Jay B. Starkey Park in Pasco County. This park holds a special place in our hearts as home to the annual Remembrance Love Walk. The first annual Remembrance Love Walk was held

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VAN 12-Park Tour Morris Bridge Conservation Park

VAN 12-Park Tour Morris Bridge Conservation 4 February 2023 The VAN team and guests had a wonderful experience at January’s Brooker Creek Preserve tour and we knew Morris Bridge Conservation Park would be just as thrilling. This park, located just off of Morris Bridge Road in Thonotosassa, offers a variety

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VAN 12-Park Tour Brooker Creek Preserve

VAN 12-Park Tour Brooker Creek Preserve 7 January 2023 It was a cold January morning in Florida when the VAN team gathered for the first park tour of the VAN 12-Park Tour event for 2023. The team had spent the prior evening cutting up fruit, icing down water, and looking

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Honoring Fallen Heroes

The first hint of Fall in Florida is usually the release of pumpkin spice everything, it is certainly not the weather. With the turning of the calendar to September we dream of cozy socks, fireplaces, and lattes even if, for Floridians, that is just a dream. Beyond that dream, there

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What is Vetted for Vets?

Something has happened at your home and you need help. Maybe you’ve had a tree fall after a storm. Or, maybe you are just looking for someone to install a fence on your property. Where do you look to find help? As you search online, how do you choose a

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So You’re Out, Now What??

The military objective for new service members is to change the way they think, act and work. The focus for change does not take into account anything beyond a member’s time in service. For clear reasons, the military must train a person to become a Soldier, Marine, Sailor or, Airman

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Healing With Horses

Peaceful Pastures Ranch and VAN came together in July to offer an exclusive experience to 20 veterans free of charge. The day began with an introduction to the wonderful ranch and founder\therapist Jessica Oliver who explained what could be expected once the Equine Therapy session started. Our time in the

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