The History

The Veterans Adventure Network (VAN) is a 501C3 subsidiary of The Lone Magnolia Foundation, Inc., a Florida Not For Profit Organization. VAN was founded to elevate the Veteran experience in Tampa Bay. Through its series of events, adventures, experiences, and socials, VAN brings the veteran/military and civilian communities together in an atmosphere of respect, honor, and fun. 

VAN’s collaboration with veteran-focused organizations and supporters has allowed VAN to consolidate the many resources available to the veteran community. Now, veterans can access VAN to find events throughout the year focusing on health & wellness, education & employment, opportunity, and support.  At its core, VAN is a consolidated resource portal for veterans, and many organizations utilize VAN’s network to get the word out about veteran offerings, events, opportunities, jobs, and more.  

Through FREE membership, veterans can access well-deserved discounts, explore alternate therapies, attend educational and employment seminars, access business and non-profit mentors, apply for business grants and scholarships (coming in 2024), and enjoy some of the most incredible FREE veteran events in the area! 


The Mission

VAN’s mission is to empower the American Veteran by focusing on the seven dimensions of wellness; mental, physical, social, financial, spiritual, environmental, and vocational. VAN accomplishes this through partnerships with local professionals and by restoring connectedness through social support and events. VAN’s mission is made possible with the support and generous donations of veteran supporters, corporate sponsors, and event sponsors. Our motto is “We Can Do More Together!”

The vision

VAN has created a modern connectedness model that embraces the rich history of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars while offering a modern approach to engage the post-9/11 veteran. VAN sets the conditions to reengage the veteran community on their terms through innovative channels that appeal to veterans and their families of all ages. 



"VAN was founded as a community of like-minded people comprised of business owners, non-profit organizations, veteran resource centers, and community leaders who work together to serve the veteran community. We all strongly desire to reach veterans and provide them with resources they can trust. Our community collaborations enable incredible relationships between business owners, who truly honor and support veterans, and the veteran community directly."
Toni Hedstrom
VAN Committee Chairs
Toni Hedstrom
Founder/ Events Chair
Steve Coker
Army Chair
Lorna Petchey
Membership Chair
Jeff Ackerman
Business Advisory Chair
Chaplain Don Hinst
Chaplain 15th District American Legion
Vanessa Martin
Vet Owned Business Advisory Chair
Jean Uffalussy
Gold Star Mother Chair

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